For the Drama Lover: A High Contrast Look For Your Walls & Floors

Black walls have been a hot trend in interior design for some time now, but lately I’ve been seeing a sort of twist on the look that I especially like: black walls with a white floor. Nothing livens up a room like contrast, and black + white is the ultimate contrast. Plus, the two elements balance each other out nicely: a white floor keeps a black-walled room from feeling too drab, and black walls keep a white floor from feeling too sterile. They’re really a very nice match. Let’s check out a few examples.

Above: In this Australian home from Inside Out, black walls, a white floor, and a wood ceiling make for a warm, bright space full of contrasts.

A white floor helps to brighten up a moody bedroom from Elle Decoration UK, via French by Design.

Here, a white floor is the perfect finishing touch to a dramatic, moody space from We Are Scout.

I like how the light falling onto the floor in this dark living room from 47 Park Avenue brightens the entire space from the ground up.

From The Country Philes, here’s a slight modification of the look: white floors with dark gray walls. This is evidence that contrast is the most important part of this look, so feel free to try it out with dark walls of any colors to (likely) great success.

If painting an entire room black is a little intimidating to you, you could start with a single accent wall, as in this dining room from Milk Magazine. (The gold pendant is also a nice touch. Black + white + gold = always a win.)

Blond wood floors (as seen here in an apartment from Houzz), are equally striking with black walls, and probably a little less of a pain to clean.

Here’s another instance of gray walls paired with a white floor, this time in a Dutch apartment spotted on Ohhh Mhhh. The dark walls lend the space a dose of moody cool, but the white floor, trim and ceiling keep things from feeling too drab.

Dark cabinets and a dark ceiling give this kitchen from Scandinavian Love Song a particularly enveloping feel. Next to all those dark surfaces, the light wood floor practically glows.



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