Before & After: Carving Out an Enchanting Playroom in a Corner of a Living Room — Professional Project

Project by: Louise Bradberry of Cait’s Room Interiors
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Transformations aren’t always about knocking down walls or elaborate IKEA hacks. Sometimes they’re about looking at your space with new eyes and giving it a new purpose. Louise did just that for her clients. Wanting to supplement limited outdoor play space for their child, they tasked Louise with creating a play nook for their daughter in a corner of their living room. The results are whimsical, colorful and largely temporary.

(Image credit: Ingrid Alice Photography)

From Louise: Little Charlotte’s playroom was a birthday surprise from her mom and dad for her first birthday! With limited space in their home, they commissioned me to design a playroom area in an unused section of their living room. The brief stated that the look was to be uncluttered and classy but playful and functional, whilst easily blending in with the rest of the adult space — a definite challenge on a limited budget!

(Image credit: Ingrid Alice Photography)

I chose a contemporary pastel grey shade for the walls, which complemented the taupe in the rest of the living area, and then introduced a fun element with a polka dot decal feature wall. The result was not only beautiful, but extremely cost effective and, of course, removable down the line when mom and dad get tired of it!

(Image credit: Ingrid Alice Photography)

Next I designed a bespoke window seat/toy storage bench with a beautiful mint textured upholstery for the seat cushion. Adorned with gorgeous scatter cushions, it created a dual purpose solution in a previously barren nook. A teepee is one of the most loved play pieces for littles, and paired with Scandi book ledges, creates the perfect little reading/chill nook. Belly baskets added to the toy storage solution, and cute Scandi house boxes were mounted on the wall for a touch of contemporary decor.

(Image credit: Ingrid Alice Photography)

A firm believer in encouraging a child’s perception of their self worth, I custom designed framed quotes of affirmation for little Charlotte to grow up reading everyday. A soft shaggy rug completed the picture, and left enough floor space for both play and a future junior Eames set. Charlotte adores her playroom, and didn’t want to leave the teepee!

Thank you, Louise! You can see this project and more on Cait’s website, Cait’s Room Interiors.



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