A Different Way to Weekend: DIYs That Are Fun for the Family

Working on DIY projects together as a family can be a really successful way to break away from the usual weekend routine. Teaching moments, creativity, a sense of pride for a job well-done – it all lays ahead in the tutorials we’ve rounded up for families young and old to enjoy together.

Cyanotypes (sunprints) are such a fun and easy project for all ages. Simply gather interestingly shaped items and arrange them on treated paper in the sun to create your very own fine art. Fabric, scarves, and aprons similar to this project from Sweet Paul are available for even more unique and wearable art.

It’s almost impossible not to pick up a beautiful leaf when you see it on the ground, especially unique leaves you’ve never seen before. So go ahead and grab a few interesting ones while on vacation with your family, press them into a travel journal and bring them back as a souvenir. Once you’re home, imprint the leaves together into clay like Suzonne Stirling does in this tutorial to create beautiful vessels that remind you of all the wonderful places you’ve been together.

Ice dying is a surprisingly easy project for kids of all ages (parents will need to assist) to do, resulting in a sort of mystical-sophisticated look that you can’t quite achieve with regular tie dye methods. Rebecca Atwood’s tutorial keeps it nice and neat with a warm, and a cool color story, but you can mix and match colors to your heart’s content! Plan ahead for this project because you’ll more than likely need to purchase the fiber reactive dyes online.

This pegboard art DIY from Sugar & Cloth is like cross-stitching on a much, much larger scale, with endless room for creativity. Go with a great big sheet of pegboard from your local hardware store, and weave colorful yarn in and out of the holes to create a giant wall hanging.

If the only things your kids had to access to this summer were fidget spinners and this slime recipe we’d be willing to bet they’d be happy campers. This slime is ooey and gooey, stretches to obtain maximum oozability. And the best part? It doesn’t contain any borax. Check out our very own simple and slimy recipe here.

Brittni from Paper & Stitch brings us an idea for a personalized snack time with mini alphabet cookie cutters. Use them to spell out family nicknames, or have a literary breakfast with edible skewers that announce the word of the day!

Artist Amy Blackwell of Audrey & Illya brings whimsy to an ordinary wooden spoon with her painted portraits. Put a personal spin on your own by exploring the creation of imaginary characters, or paint caricatures of your entire family on a set of wooden spoons.

Traveling this summer? Check out this tutorial from Handmade Charlotte for personalized DIY luggage tags. Collect little tchotchkes from around the house and make a few DIY pom poms and save yourself at the luggage carousel – never walk off with the wrong black Samsonite again!

Made your famous spaghetti sauce last night? Do as Martha Stewart would do and grab those San Marzano cans out of the recycling bin! Punch a few holes, add some rope, paint cute little elephant toes, and you’ve got a perfectly charming old fashioned toy from last nights leftovers.

What are some of your family’s favorite DIY projects to work on together during the summer?

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