8 Times Vintage Textiles Completely Made the Room

Vintage (and vintage looking) textiles are all the rage right now. Used as upholstery, on walls, floors, windows or accessories, they can add that much-needed dose of color, texture and pattern to a space. But what if your style veers more modern and crisp than global and eclectic? Fear not, you can still rock this trend—here are examples of spaces that rock vintage right.

Arguably, one of the most popular and easiest ways to really rock a vintage textile is in the form of rugs: Turkish, Persian and Moroccan styles are more popular than ever. But don’t just think about them for the living room or bedroom— Bre from Bre Purposed used a vintage beauty in her renovated bathroom, and it looks fantastic (above).

Another place vintage rugs look great is in the kitchen: wool is a surprisingly hardy and stain-resistant fiber, the busy patterns hides small spills, and the colors bring a bit of life to what can sometimes be an otherwise plain room. This gorgeous space is from Honestly WTF. (And that cabinet color is A++.)

I love seeing vintage fabrics used as curtains—this cheerful floral from the home of SF Girl by Bay just makes the room, don’t you think?

Another take on the look, floral blinds add a touch of whimsy to this sleek and modern bathroom from House Beautiful. I’m not certain this fabric is vintage, but it certainly looks the part.

I’m fairly obsessed with the upholstery on this sofa: Jessica Helgerson collected vintage blankets for months when designing this Brooklyn brownstone for a client. I think the black wall art behind plays against the bold patterns and texture of the sofa particularly well.

In other vintage-upholstery news, see this Homepolish design: African mudcloth (or it could be Japanese shibori technique, I can’t be sure) makes a normal side chair look positively spotlight worthy.

Vintage textiles in the form of bedding is nothing new, but can be oh-so-special. I love the way the shapes in this vintage quilt pick up on those of the custom bookcase behind it. The look, a design by Studiomama found via Dwell, is cozy, welcoming and completely nostalgic. It’s definitely heavy on the granny/country chic, but feels as comfortable as a warm cup of tea.

And sometimes, vintage textiles are best left to do nothing but look beautiful. This Brooklyn home, designed by Elizabeth Roberts, features a huge vintage hanging over the bed. As someone who has an antique Moroccan handira hanging over mine, I think I like this look best of all.

What about you? Are you as taken with using vintage textiles in a modern home as I am?

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