Past Perfect: The 10 Best Etsy Shops for Vintage Furniture

Looking through Etsy can be a dizzying whirlwind, because it offers a mix of garage sale quality bric-a-brac and diamond-in-the-rough vintage gold…you just need the patience to sniff out the latter. To help you pick through the terrain just a little faster to get to the good stuff, we dug through to unearth 10 awesome Etsy storefronts specializing in vintage furniture. They might just inspire you to update a room or two!

Based in California, this Etsy store is full of mid-century couches, tufted bean-shaped sofas, teak writing desks, egg-style chairs, and anything else you would need to fulfill your vintage decorating dreams.

Nestled in Brooklyn, if Other Times Vintage could sum up their style in one phrase it would be “Tropical Bungalow.” They love all things teak wood, rattan, and 1960s-like minimalism. Expect to find two-tone credenzas, modern teak rocking chairs, molded fiberglass seats, and hutch-storage bookcases when looking around.

Another shop from L.A., The Hunt Vintage has over 400 items that could satisfy the most desperate of vintage cravings. From walnut wood night tables to midnight blue ottomans, to Danish style reclining chairs, you can easily decorate a whole house with their beautiful supply of both old and new goods. The only problem will be narrowing it all down.

Based in Germany (don’t worry, they ship to the States), Moebelglueck focuses on wicker furniture and 1950s home decor accents. You can pick out anything from rattan armchairs and plant stands to a ’60s baby bassinet here.

Urban Americana is a massive warehouse stuffed with vintage treasures. They offer everything from mid-century fireplaces (!) to cool old vintage signs, to embroidered poufs to high end goods. If you can imagine it, chances are they have it. Explore their furniture section to find roomy rocking chaise lounges, vintage dining sets, and bamboo chairs.

Set up in Chicago, Shark Gravy brings the fire when it comes to furniture. They hunt them down through estate sales and garage sales, then refurbish them so they look like you bought them straight off of the 1950s furniture store sales floor. They have a bevy of cadenzas, modern dining cabinets and woven wool rugs.

This is an absolute treasure trove of a store. You can expect to score things like a set of mid-century Danish dining chairs, record player stereo consoles, and quirky geometric arm chairs. If you’re looking for statement accents for a particular room, this is the place to get them.

Located in Miami’s Little River Business District, they specialize in vintage furniture from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. They have serpentine cloud sofas (it looks just as cool as it sounds,) dramatic wingback chairs, and cage bar stools. You won’t know what to drool over first.

If you’re looking for pieces with a little more color and personality, then look no further than this Etsy shop. From bubblegum pink sofas to plaid armchairs, they will add a little something extra to any room. And bonus! The owner is accomplished at upholstery, and not only does he offer upholstery or restoration services, but is more than happy to give you tips if you want to try it yourself.

Fand F Vintage does minimalist vintage to perfection. Filled with eye-catching but quiet pieces, they offer things like sleek sofa-side-table hybrids, geometric tank chairs and iron record and book shelves. They don’t disappoint.



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