7 Fire Pits That Are So Hot, They’re Cool

A fire pit tops the list of “things we’d definitely want in a backyard, if we had the space.” They’re fun in the summer, but help extend the outdoor season into the cooler months. We’d say that they’d also make a great focal point…but so many on the market put function over fashion. There are generally two types you’ll find in your local big box store: Small cauldron-style designs in a copper or black finish, and massive fire “tables” that require everything else around it to be of a bigger scale.

The concrete fire pit shown above adds a sleek minimalist touch to a lush backyard in Lonny. Though it’s a small space, the fire pit (and surrounding chairs) aren’t diminutive in scale. Yet, the arrangement feels cozy and luxurious rather than overwhelming.

Our favorite designs have a more streamlined look, like this fun conversation nook idea by Design4Corners. The light finish contrasts the rustic wood built-in seats, along with the fun multi-colored chairs.

Another sleek option is the stunning DIY fire pit made by Dans le Lakehouse. Tanya and her husband first filled a spot in her backyard with Dolomite gravel, then designed the clean-lined fire pit. If you’re good with a welding torch, you can replicate the design by following the steps on Dans le Lakehouse.

Brick goes chic with a coat of fresh white paint in this outdoor conversation nook by Elizabeth Brooke Design. The coordinating built-in bench seating is topped with cushions that could be easily swapped out to change up the color.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for anything midcentury, you’ll love Mod Fire’s Royalfire pit. It’s available in a charcoal finish or white, but we prefer the bold look of the latter.

CB2’s ember fire pit also has a very sculptural presence in the backyard. (And are we sensing a pattern with the chairs?)

For those of us who have to make do with a much, much smaller patch of outdoor space, a small fire table gives you a taste of the relaxing fire pit lifestyle. For the easy how-to, visit Inspired By This.

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