Before & After: A Sadly Scuffed and Wonkily Warped Dresser is Rescued

(Image credit: Submitted by Bekah)

Bekah spotted this dresser on Craigslist and saw past the scuffs and marks to the mid century modern potential. After picking it up for a bargain, Bekah and her dad spiffed and shined the piece to its former glory.

(Image credit: Submitted by Bekah)

From Bekah: I found this beautiful four-drawer dresser on Craigslist one day while wasting time. The guy was asking $80 but when my boyfriend went to pick it up, he was able to get it for only $60! I could tell by the pictures and advice from Apartment Therapy that it had “good bones” and could be revived, even with all its flaws. It had warped, water-damaged boards on the top that would move up and down, as well as scratches and scuffs throughout. But it was so beautiful and, other than the cosmetic issues on the outside, was in really good condition. It was exactly the style I wanted so I had to have it!

(Image credit: Submitted by Bekah)

I had my previous dresser since I was in college, and it reflected my style and age when I got it. It was more of an antique style and was painted coral pink with gold handles. I’m working, piece by piece, to update all of my furniture to match my style, which I hope one day can be described as “mid-century modern/bohemian.” I was so lucky to find this dresser for such a low price!

(Image credit: Submitted by Bekah)

Luckily, my father helps me with all of my DIY projects. He is incredibly skilled (can you believe he doesn’t do this full-time?!) and can fix literally anything. He seemed a little worried about the warped top but was able to take all the boards apart, re-glue them, and put it all back together. After a little sanding and staining, we had the amazing finished product.

(Image credit: Submitted by Bekah)

Buying from Craigslist is always tricky. In this case, it was especially tricky because I wasn’t present when the item was being picked up. I was able to find the same listing the seller had posted on a different site and see different images than what he had on Craigslist. I’ve also trained my boyfriend in the art of looking for signs of bed bugs, which is something I’m terribly afraid of bringing into my home.

(Image credit: Submitted by Bekah)

It really turned out better than I had ever hoped. I love the mid-century modern style and how, because of its makeover, the stain really brings out the character of the wood on the top.

Thank you, Bekah!



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