Everything Old is New Again: The Classic Industrial Lamp We Can’t Get Enough Of — Currently Obsessed

Lighting is one of those little things that can have a huge impact on the look of a room, and lately there’s one lamp in particular that I’m starting to see in more and more interiors. It’s this adjustable wall lamp—equal parts light and functional sculpture, perfect for brightening dark corners but also for adding a little drama and style to any space.

Although its popularity is new, this design is quite old. According to Jay at Photonic Studio, lamps in this style were first introduced at the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. They were apparently quite popular for the next 50 years or so, and are now experiencing a renaissance, thanks to a current vogue for items that are honest in construction but still feel luxurious. The two adjustable arms mean that there are lots of ways you can twist and turn this thing: you can change it up to suit your lighting needs, or just to keep things interesting. Above, it’s seen in an interior from Sheep + Stone, shedding a little light on a lucky piece of art.

Photonic Studio makes a modern version of the lamp, which is available for $299. It also comes in brass, for $269, and a silvery steel finish for $225.

This brass version is beautifully made, and sure to attract attention. It’s available from Workstead for $775.

In this bedroom from Domino, the adjustable lamp makes for a beautiful and unexpected bedside light. I like wall-mounted lamps next to a bed, since they have a clean look and free up nightstand space. (This lamp is the Workstead one pictured above.)

From Dwell, here’s a living room with two of these beauties, providing nearly endless possible configurations.

It’s also a very nice work lamp, as seen in this interior from My Scandinavian Home.

This design really shines in minimal interiors, like this one from Cup of Jo—it’s dramatic without being showy, the perfect way to add a little sculptural touch.

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