Open When Letters for Kids

Open When Letters for Kids

Aug 1st 2017

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Sweet Letters for Kids for the Moment They Need Them! 

We always want to be there for our little ones as they grow. We wish we could be there for them through all their ups and their downs – and now you can! Our collection of Open When Letters for Kids gives you the chance to write heartfelt messages to encourage, console, celebrate and offer advice to your kiddos in the moment they need it the most! With over 30 open when letter topics that are specifically geared towards kids, you truly have a unique and special gift idea for kids that they will treasure forever!


Open When Letters for Kids

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Our original Open When Letters Kit was so incredibly popular that we have had several requests from our readers for a version that is just for kids. You asked, and we delivered! We have an all-new printable pack of Open When Letters that is bigger than ever – over 30 envelope options!

Here are the main things that I love about these special letters for kids:

  • The letters can be written for kids of any age! This could be something you do for your child before they are even born, all the way up until they leave for college!
  • This is a gift idea for your kids that is so easy to put together – simply add the envelope label to the outside of any envelope (we used these because they matched the printables’ color scheme perfectly!) and write your message on the corresponding stationery or card. Easy! 
  • The envelope and card designs in this kit are so colorful and fun! Our designer Carisa (from Messes to Memories) utilized gorgeous, kid-friendly colors and patterns that are absolutely darling!

Entire Set of Open When Letters for Kids

This Open When Letters for Kids Pack includes:

  • Envelope Labels and Cards – Coordinating labels and cards for 25 different letter writing prompts.
  • Special Occasion Letters – 10 additional letter options for those big milestones in life.
  • Bonus Box Cover – A special keepsake box cover to store your Open When Letters.


Open When Letters For Kids

We have 25 easy-to-assemble envelope labels and coordinating cards to get you started on writing your messages.

Reading Open When Letters

With prompts ranging from  “Open when you need some motivation” to “Open when you need a good laugh” – there is something for every moment in life.


For those extra big milestones in life, such as starting school or getting married, we have 10 additional Open When Letter topics. These special occasion letters have envelope labels that go with a full page of beautiful, coordinating stationery.

Open When School Time Letter

BONUS BOX COVEROpen When Box Label

Finally, you will need to keep all of these letters in a special place where your child can easily access their letters for that moment they need them AND have a place to keep them for years to come!

Open When Box Cover

You can top a keepsake box with our gorgeous box cover that fits perfectly on a standard photo storage box.

Open When Holding Letters For Kids

These Open When Letters For Kids are the perfect gift for your child no matter what their age! Can you even imagine how exciting this would be for them to receive?  These are the types of gifts that your kids will remember for years to come!

Start Writing Yours Now

for Only


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While you are writing these letters for your kids, don’t forget about our Open When Letters for Your Spouse! They will love this idea so much that they will want to have their own set too!

And here is another fun spin-off idea – we have a set of date night ideas for an Open When Date Box! How fun is that?! Prep several dates in advance and have your sweetie select the date night activity based on their mood for the evening.


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