$45 Later, This Wall is The Best Thing in My New Backyard — Apartment Therapy Original Makeover

Outdoor vertical container gardens don’t have to be fancy, self-watering affairs that cost hundreds of dollars. For under $50, I made a lush, cascading green wall for my new backyard. Not only is it a fantastic focal point that draws your eye, but it takes gardening to a whole new level. And this project couldn’t be simpler to pull off.

This vertical garden couldn’t be easier to make, and adds so much life, color and dimension to my formerly flat wall. You can move plants around as much as you want, and the whole thing is super simple to remove if you want to bring everything indoors during winter. For renters, it’s also a great, affordable way to transform a wall in your apartment.


  • Wire Mesh Panel from Home Depot
  • Cup Hooks from Home Depot
  • S Hooks from Home Depot
  • Hanging Planters (I found six of these on sale for $5 each at AtHome. You can also buy some inexpensive plastic planters and drill a couple of holes for hanging.)
  • Drill with Bits
  • Level
  • Plants (I divided a couple of large, full, cascading pothos plants)


1. Hold up the panel against the wall to decide where you want your vertical garden to go. Check to make sure it’s level, then mark off about six spots for hooks.

2. Drill pilot holes and screw in the cup hooks at each spot, then hang the wire panel so it’s secure on the wall and will support the weight of the plants.

3. Loop the S hooks through the planters and fiddle around until you decide where you want them placed on the wall.

4. Unhook the planters from the wall, transplant your plants into their new homes, and enjoy your new vertical garden!

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