Before & After: A Cold Concrete Office Space Gets a Hip New Look

Alfredo’s new office space had a TON of potential —who wouldn’t want to go to work with all of that natural light — but needed some serious help to keep it from feeling too sterile. Turns out, well curated antique clutter and a live edge bar are exactly what the space needed.

From Alfredo: I recently moved into a new creative studio space in downtown Los Angeles. The building is originally from the 1900s and there is a lot of concrete and brick and it has huge windows (that I absolutely love). However, the overall feel of the room was cold and very sterile.

I do graphic design and photography, among other things, so I thought that adding some vintage finds would add a cool, masculine and attractive look.

It took me about a week. Moving into the space was the easy part, except for the heavy items (desk, industrial table, and shelves).

My husband made this awesome raw ledge wood bar for his hair salon but it didn’t quite fit into his space, so I’ve decided to include that in my office space as well. Occasionally I like to work on my laptop standing up and also have a cocktail or two in the office (if you have a dog with you you’re not drinking alone, I’m just saying).

I love how inviting the space looks now, there is a sense of luxury and I think it looks warm and very masculine.

I have a ton of props and some collected items and books, and for some people my space may look overwhelming or too busy, but I love every single thing in it, and that’s why it doesn’t bother me.

I do think I should add a cool rug, just to tighten up the entire space, but I’m still thinking about it.

I left the concrete untouched, just because I feel it is a cool feature and with all that I have going on on the other walls, it is nice to have a place to rest your eyes.

Thank you, Alfredo!



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