The Gold Standard: 10 Outrageously Beautiful Things

The legendary King Midas was blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at it) with a condition where everything he touched turned to gold. To me, that sounds like a bit much — I’d settle for just one or two gold things per room. Or even brass things, because brass is a beautiful metal that replicates the luxe, yellowy shine of gold without all the budget-busting tendencies. For the modest, minimalist Midas-touch lover, I rounded up the following stunning spaces where just a few gold (or brass) elements take things to the next level.

Above: In this kitchen from Dahlarna, simple modern cabinets (and a very no-frills concrete countertop) are transformed by the addition of brass pulls, a brass backsplash, and even (take a look under the cabinets!) a brass toe kick.

This brass-coated tub, spotted in a bathroom from Est Living, is paired with wall-mounted brass taps for a bathing experience like no other.

An articulating brass wall lamp by Workstead gives this country house bedroom from Domino a touch of glam.

→ Love this lamp? See lots more like it in our roundup.

In this image from ARC, gold tiles from Made a Mano are paired with antique brass taps. And though we can’t see the rest of the bathroom here, we’d like to imagine it was sparse (without any more brass) to let this feature be the star.

This gold doorway, a design of Koncept Stockholm, transforms the simple act of walking from one room into another into a luxurious experience.

A brass railing (and brass cladding on the underside) takes this staircase from Divisare to the next level (well, to the next 10 levels really, because it’s that special).

White cabinets and white marble countertops give this kitchen from Munger Interiors a calm, almost ethereal feel: the brass sink and taps add a touch of welcomed luxury.

This brass-clad island from Design by Us makes the room (although that herringbone wood floor is pretty great, too).

It’s not often that storage pieces really command your attention, but this brass-clad wardrobe spotted on Bo Bedre is a definite exception.

And finally, what’s more inviting than a gold door? (Although I’m willing to bet that this one is brass, like all these other objects.) This is the portal to Los Angeles’ Hotel Covell, spotted on My Domaine, and it’s hard to imagine a more intriguing start to any interior.



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