Before & After: An Eyesore of a Closet Gets a Whole New Look

A tale as old as time: you move into a new space and have to live with the questionable design choices of the previous tenants. Med inherited a built-in closet/ wardrobe that left more than a lot to be desired. She got rid of the ugliest aspect almost immediately and tried to make do, but eventually enough was simply enough and she gave the closet an easy and affordable DIY makeover.

From Med: The before is a picture of a built in wardrobe in our bedroom. It had been built in by the previous tenants (my goodness, what were they thinking??). Upon moving in, we had removed its even uglier outdated doors, leaving the very unattractive melamine wood exposed for all to see.

To put it bluntly, I hated it. The very sight of of the reddish fake grain burned my eyes.

The wardrobe had to be sanded, primed and painted! It took about two days to complete because we had to wait for the paint to dry before applying more coats. My husband and I did it ourselves and at the end we added in some pretty Moroccan tile wallpaper to the backing.

I love that it is so white and fresh looking. It looks like a completely different wardrobe. I am trying out the open closet idea for a while but if it gets to be too much, I will be adding doors!

Med’s words of wisdom: Just a note, our landlord is quite chill about us painting, but there are some who might not be, so always make sure you check first.

Thanks so much, Med! You can see more photos of this project and a full resource list on Med’s blog, Grillo Designs.



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