Here Comes the Sun: 5 Happy Palettes Where Yellow is the Star — Palette Pleaser

Yellow is the color of sunshine, which should automatically qualify it as the happiest color, don’t you think? The brightest spot of the visible spectrum, and the most noticeable of all colors by the human eye, just a little of this energetic pigment goes a long way. If you’re looking to bring some cheerfulness to your home, check out these five palettes centered around the sunny shade.


Breakfast nooks, by the nature of being one of the first rooms to greet you in the morning, are regularly peppy, casual spaces. Here, the team at Chango & Co. created a happy dining area, via HGTV, that feels summery and energetic.

Color Palette

Though the room is mostly white, the first thing your eye likely goes to here are the yellow lantern-style pendant lights. The designers kept things light and playful by pairing them with mint-colored chairs and a watermelon pink table setting.


The home of Style Me Pretty founder Abby Larson, featured on Domino, is a testament to the fact that anyone who thinks they’re addicted to neutrals can cross over to the side of color (should they want to). A simple base (to satisfy her inner neutral lover) comes to live with a sophisticated pop of yellow.

Color Palette

The yellow here is more on the golden side, which keeps this formal dining space feeling sophisticated, while pairing it with a light gray and just the slightest touch of shadowy purple keeps the sunny shade the star of the room.


The guest bedroom of Elsie from A Beautiful Mess has seen many iterations from a not-so-inspiring yellow, to white, to this masterpiece. A little tropical, a little boho, a lot gorgeous, this space feels like an explosion of sunshine.

Color Palette

Bright yet buttery yellow (here, in the form of this wallpaper from Hygge & West) lays the foundation to the room. Natural wood tones via the marvelous rattan bed and brass accents join varying shades of pink and mango-y orange.


From Australian shelter mag Inside Out, food stylist Bec Udvary does not shy away from color (and bright ones at that). In her dining room (and her family’s entire home, really) is “a house that didn’t look like everyone else’s”.

Color Palette

I have affectionally coined this palette “back to school”, mostly because of the No. 2 pencil-colored Windsor chairs. A deep, inky navy and a true blue feel collegiate, but ground the punchy yellow.


Actress and author Mindy Kaling is known for both her invigorating personality and writing skills…oh, and sense of style. Shown here is her office on the NBC lot, designed by Nathan Turner in an answer to the comedienne’s desire for a super vibrant space. See the rest of the space on Domino.

Color Palette

It’s not often you see a room where white or gray is in the minority. A saturated yellow sofa sets itself apart from the navy and red printed wallpaper and ruby armchair. Dashes of hot pink break up the primary palette.

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