A Realists’ Guide to Buying a NYC One-Bedroom

Real estate prices in New York City—especially in Manhattan—cover a nearly unbelievably huge range from the affordable (somewhat affordable; it is New York, after all) to the totally extravagant. A one-bedroom apartment, for example, could sell for anywhere from less than $200,000 to several million—it all depends on the location and how much space they have to offer.

Here’s a guide to one-bedroom apartment hunting in Manhattan based on your budget, and what you’ll can find at different price ranges.

$250,000 and Below

With a $250,000 max, finding a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan will definitely pose a challenge—you’ll be much more likely to find a studio in that price range, but there are still a few one-beds out there. You definitely won’t find them downtown, so your best bet is to head uptown to look in areas like Harlem and Washington Heights. Any one-bedroom apartments in this price range will definitely be small—think well under 500 square feet—and won’t come with any particularly fancy amenities.

Price: $229,000
Size: 450 sq ft.
Bathrooms: 1
Neighborhood: Harlem


With $500,000 at your disposal, you’ll have a much easier time finding a one-bedroom in Manhattan, especially if you look uptown. A budget of $500,000 means a nicer—and slightly larger (over 500 sq ft is definitely doable)—apartment, and a bedroom that, while likely still small, can at least fit a queen bed and not feel like a glorified closet. You’ll still have to up the ante if you’re looking for extra amenities, however.

Price: $500,000
Size: 570 sq ft.
Bathrooms: 1
Neighborhood: Hamilton Heights


If you’re looking for a larger apartment with a bigger bedroom in a more coveted Manhattan neighborhood (especially if you’re interested in living downtown), $750,000 seems like the magic number. Many one-bedroom apartments in this price range come with additional half bathrooms as well as between 700 and 800 sq ft of space. As far as amenities go, these apartments tend to have attended lobbies and better views.

Price: $735,000
Size: 710 sq ft.
Bathrooms: 1.5
Neighborhood: Financial District

$1 Million

If you’ve got $1 million dollars to work with, you’ll find a large apartment in highly coveted neighborhoods with plenty of amenities. Most million-dollar one-bedrooms have between 800 and 1,000 sq ft of space, a king-size bedroom and an extra half (or even a full) bathroom. Large windows, great views, in-building fitness centers and lounges abound.

Price: $1,145,000
Size: 930 sq ft.
Bathrooms: 1.5
Neighborhood: Financial District

$2 Million and Beyond

Listings for one-bedroom apartments can go well beyond the $2 million dollar price range, but basically from here on out, you get more space, more design and more amenities for your money. The main difference between a $1 million one-bedroom apartment and a $2 million one-bedroom? Space—you’ll definitely get more than 1,000 square feet with a bigger budget. And as far as amenities go, you can expect much of the same—fitness centers, loungers, a doorman, etc.

Price: $2,099,000
Size: 1,183 sq ft.
Bathrooms: 2
Neighborhood: Chelsea

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