Can You Spot the Hack? The VALJE Shelving Flip

I spy with my little eye another IKEA hack done right. If you scored high on the Spot the IKEA Quiz, I have no doubt you’ll be able to spot this IKEA piece turned high-end Scandinavian home decor. This project, along with many like it, further proves how a simple change in perspective can dramatically alter the success of a space. So, when you’re strolling through the aisles at IKEA, remember to think outside the box – think of the potential each piece has to become the perfect addition to your happy home.

Sure, the VALJE shelving system (pictured above) is nice on its own. If it weren’t, it wouldn’t be so widely popular. And sure, it has great clean lines and is adaptable in most spaces. The structure is there, but I challenge you to find more to it than meets the eye when you stroll into that cozy staged IKEA room.

For Anna Kubel that meant giving it a nice coat of gray paint, to match her monochromatic decor, flipping the units on their side to elongate the cubbies to accommodate more vertical decorative items, and relocating the peg leg holes to fit the new design.

Carlie Sofie went with a similar minimalistic version, not only painting a soft gray and turning the shelf on its side, but then removing the legs completely.

Maybe gray isn’t your thing, or you have a more vertical space to fill. Not to worry! You can also customize the VALJE by cutting the existing shelves to make room for various decor. Annie from Gold Vibes Only created an L-shaped cubby by cutting the existing shelving in half, and also topped the largest VALJE shelf with a smaller version to add height and create a more custom piece to fit her space.

So whatever your need, keep in mind that you don’t have to be a carpenter to create custom furniture. Some of the greatest DIY projects are birthed out of the intersection of functional preexisting products and a desire to push them past their intended purposes.



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