Our Picks From Home Depot’s Huge Rug Sale

(Image credit: Home Depot)

Is your floor looking woefully bare? CYF (covering your floor) can cost quite a bit, as rugs often aren’t cheap. But, as you know, they really tie the room together. Luckily, Home Depot has a huge sale on rugs right now, with prices up to 60 percent off. We’ve picked out a few of our favorites, so check them out below.

The Big Lebowski aside, rugs really are a great way to unite a room and define a space. We write a lot about rugs, including picking the right size rug (and also ignoring those rules, too), layering rugs (both on each other and over wall to wall carpet), and how to go bold with pattern (or a color that looks great in any room).

So if you’re thoroughly convinced that rugs are a must, here are some options at a big discount. The rugs on sale right now are from the brand Home Decorator’s Collection, and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. We’ve listed prices for 5 by 8 foot rugs below, but others are available. The sale runs through August 12.

  1. Castillo rug, $399 $319.20
  2. Morocco rug, $279 $181.35
  3. Nomad rug, $499 $224.55
  4. Sawyer rug, $499 $249.50
  5. Gramercy rug, $499 $199.60
  6. Faux sheepskin rug, $149 $74.50
  7. Dades rug, $158.08 $126.46

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