Green Spaghetti Pie

I’m unusually excited about this recipe! You ready? Spaghetti pie. I’ve been thinking about it lately (in part, because it’s seemingly inescapable on Pinterest), and wanted to do a make-over version of sorts. When I sketched the general outline, I aimed for a few things. It would be a green version, packed with kale, spinach, or a mix. I wanted it to be vegan / plant-based – a lot of the versions out there are decadently filled with cheese, eggs, and cream. I wanted to use a good whole-grain or lentil/bean pasta. My hope was to architect an "everyday" version people can feel great about enjoying whenever. That said, when someone was eating a piece, I wanted it to be about none of that. I just wanted it to be delicious. So! Here’s how it shaped up, recipe and a few notes below – enjoy! -h

To make this green version of spaghetti pie, you start by boiling a pound of your favorite spaghetti – preferably whole-grain, or one of the bean-based pastas. I used the Banza spaghetti (pictured here / not-sponsored, I just like it). While the water is coming to a boil, I make a quick blender sauce with almond milk, onion and garlic powder, and a bunch of kale. In place of eggs, I whisked some ground flax with water – you get the nutritional benefit of flax, and similar binding properties to the eggs. I grabbed a 1/2 pound of kale from my freezer (available in most freezer sections), but you can certainly use fresh kale. The green blender sauce comes together in a flash, you toss the spaghetti with it when it is cooked a bit al dente, transfer to your baking dish, and into the oven.

Green Spaghetti Pie Recipe

Green Spaghetti Pie Recipe

Green Spaghetti Pie Recipe

Pictured above – a snug layer of foil to catch any leakage (I didn’t have any this time around), but better safe than sorry ;). xx! -h

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