Makeover Mistakes That Instantly Downgrade Your Bathroom Design

You decide to work on your bathroom. Before you jump in to remodel or immediately change things up, get to know the major red flags of a sub-par space, and avoid the things that make your bathroom look low budget. You won’t necessarily need to spend a lot more money, but it will mean a much better bathroom. Here’s what not to do…

#1: Neglect Storage: Plastic shampoo bottles aren’t the prettiest thing around. If you’re remodeling, or even just refreshing your bathroom, plan ways to conceal all your toilet paper, products, and dirty laundry — whether it’s adding a recessed medicine cabinet, or just investing in a few pretty bins or baskets.

#2: Fail to Light The Way: Bad lighting is a total telltale sign of cut corners. Bathrooms need both overhead lighting and task lighting to do a proper job. Just one dim bulb won’t cut it, especially when you’re getting ready to go out at night, or the room lacks natural light. If you’ve got the option, install sconces on each side of the mirror for the best effect, and your reflection will look like a million bucks.

#3: Miss a Mirror Opportunity: The rest of your bathroom can be amazing, but if you have a frameless mirror secured to the wall with plastic clips, it’s going to stick out like a poor thumb. Swap it out for something with more personality and see your space skyrocket to the next level. There are so many affordable ones out there! The Ego Mirror from Design By Us, above, is a major design statement.

#4: Forget this Finishing Touch: Lose those tiny square fuzzy mats and choose a larger area rug that’s still functional, but could just as easily be found in another room in the house. Not only does it feel cozier, it makes the room look more complete and higher end.

#5: Stick with the Status Quo: We all love the look of plain white tile, but there’s no doubt it says basic budget. Instead, elevate what you have with a few simple switches. To stretch her dollar a little bit, Sarah Sherman Samuel simply alternated the direction of her inexpensive subway tiles, resulting in a modern herringbone pattern that looks anything but cheap.



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