Small Kitchen Workhorses: 8 Barely There (But Crazy Useful) Storage Solutions

I live in New York, and I have seen some tiny kitchens. Like, “here’s a sink and a foot of counter space and then a stove” tiny. Needless to say, these kitchens don’t come with much storage space. So what’s a thwarted cook to do? Where are you gonna put all your stuff? These eight (stylish!) products can help.

Above: This little kitchen, from A Beach Cottage, displays some of the many possibilities presented by IKEA’s GRUNDTAL rail system. You can mount the rail to the wall, and then use it to hang pots and pans, utensils, or mugs, or add some of the accessories that IKEA makes for the system, including shelves, utensil holders, and even a wall-hanging dish drainer.

GRUNDTAL Rail System at IKEA, Starting at $7.99

This genius organizer sticks to the side of your fridge, so you don’t have to worry about mounting anything on the wall, and holds all kinds of stuff, including paper towels, kitchen towels, and spices. If you prefer not to use the bottom bar for towels, you could hang S hooks from it and create a double layer of storage.

Steel & Wood Magnetic Refrigerator Rack at Food52, $48

This smaller spice rack also attaches to the side of the fridge, suitable for holding seasonings, oils, or anything you want to keep off the countertop (that might not fit in your cupboards).

Yamazaki home Magnetic Spice Rack at Amazon, $35.99

At only 4.7 inches wide, this little cart can tuck into the smallest of spaces, next to the refrigerator or in any little nook your kitchen might have. But it’s still wide enough to store plenty of boxes and bottles, and rolls out to allow easy access.

Yamazaki Home Tower Kitchen Storage Cart at Amazon, $63.64

Searching for spices in crowded cupboards can be a real pain. Enter this little spice shelf, which hangs from the cabinet and provides a spot for frequently-used seasonings that’s within easy reach.

Yamazaki Home Tower Under Shelf Seasoning Rack White at Amazon, $37

This wall-mounted Elfa organizer is $75.91 from The Container Store. It’s perfect for hanging things, including pots and pans, and can be re-configured to your heart’s content. Check here for other utility board accessories.

Elfa Organizer at The Container Store, $75.91

This handy hook is magnetic, so you can stick it to the side of the fridge or the stove without having to drill into the wall.

Yamazaki Home 3194 Tosca Magnet Hook at Amazon, $17

If you’re able to drill into the wall, this wall-mounted rack can do a lot of work for you. You can use it as a shelf, but it’s perfect for storing plates, and the rail below can be used for accessories or kitchen towels.

Booker Kitchen Wall Storage at Urban Outfitters, $49



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