Back To School Must Haves

You’ve got your kindergartner who cannot wait, your anxious first-time middle schooler, and the senior you are going to have to drag to class every day, the last thing you need to worry about is back to school shopping. We’ve made it so you don’t have to!

Back to School Shopping Made Easy!

 Your daughter requested a unicorn backpack? CHECK! Oh, and your son needs crayons, markers, glue, and construction paper? CHECK, again! (Look at the supply packs, they are amazing!) And the senior needs a planner to stay organized? Yep, CHECK once more! 

Favorite Back to School Products!

We’ve got 8 categories each including options for various age groups, color preferences, and sizes! 


We found animal backpacks that all your little kids will love, rolling bags that will make your walk to school easier, and stylish bags for your teenager!   

Our Favorite Backpacks

Cute Back to School Backpacks


1. Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks

2. Bixbee Backpacks 

3. Herschel Supply Co Backpacks 

4. JanSport Backpacks

5. J World Rolling Backpacks 


Give your kiddos something to show off to all their friends during everyone’s favorite social time—lunchtime! Now their packed lunches can be perfectly adorable, totally practical or even a little bit of both.

Our Favorite Lunch Boxes

Cute Back to School Lunchboxes

6. Skip Hop Zoo Lunchboxes

7. Bixbee Lunchboxes

8. Bags R Us Lunch Tote Bag 

9. Picnic Time Insulated Lunch Tote 

10. PlanetBox Bento Lunchbox

Water Bottles

Keeping the kids hydrated has never been so much fun. Let them choose a water bottle from any of our favorite options: bright colors, sleek and stylish or adorned with the cutest characters!

Our Favorite Water Bottles

The Best Water Bottles

11. CamelBak Water Bottles for Kids 

12. Contigo Kids Water Bottles 

13. Nalgene Water Bottles for Kids 

14. Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottles 

15. Anature Stainless Steel Water Bottles 

Pencil Cases

Making sure your kids have the perfect pencil pouch means there’s no way they’ll lose as many pencils this year, right? Well, at least it’s worth a shot! Give them a funny, simple or even super sophisticated place for all those pens, pencils, highlighters and erasers.

Favorite Pencil Cases

The Cutest Pencil Cases


16. Ipow Floral Pencil Pouches 

17. J World New York Pencil Cases 

18. Homecube Big Capacity Pencil Case

19. ZIPIT Hard Shell Pencil Box 

20. ZIPIT Colorz Pencil Storage Box 


We’ve gathered up the best notebooks, all in one place. Taking notes will never be the same again!

Our Favorite Notebooks

Cutest Notebooks for Back to School

21. Set of 6 Animal Composition Books for Kids 

22. Set of 3 Stylish Composition Books

23. Rifle Paper Co Set of 3 Notebooks 

24. Studio Oh! Spiral Notebook Trio 

25. Studio C 6-Pack of Notebooks 


Snagging the right binder for your kid means finding one they’ll love enough to take care of and choosing a brand you trust for durability. Check out our absolute favorites!

Our Favorite Binders

Best Binders for Back to School

26. Meade Binders Set of 3 

27. Studio C Binders Set of 6 

28. Samsill Binders Set of 6 

29. Case-It Zipper Binders 

30. Case-It Open Velcro Binders 

Planners & Calendars

We all know that tracking homework and due dates can be a huge hassle but when they’ve got something they’re excited to use, it makes remembering to write it down SO much easier.

Favorite Planners and Calendars

Best Planners and Calendars

31. Elementary Student Planner 

32. Middle School or High School Planner 

33. Rifle Paper Co Academic Planner 

34. Academic Desk or Wall Calendar 

35. Dry Erase Calendar 

School Supply Packs

Get it all in one place. We just love the idea of bundling school supplies because convenience is such an important factor during these crazy back to school days!

Favorite School Supply Packs

Best Back to School Supply Packs

36. Kindergarten Supply Pack 

37. First & Second Grade Supply Pack 

38. Third – Fifth Grade Supply Pack 

39. Sixth – Eighth Grade Supply Pack

40. High School & College Supply Bundle 

YAY! You found all of the Back to School items you needed. Now you can sit back and enjoy the last little bit of summer with your kiddos! Check out our Teacher Appreciation Post so you can show their new teachers some love! Then, you can go see how many of our 50 Family Summer Activities you can complete before school starts!


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