Savings Alert: Get a Costco Card on Groupon This Week

Attention bargain shoppers: there’s a Groupon for Costco Memberships running right now, and it’s just the sort of stackable coupon, bulk-shopping deal that budgeting dreams are made of — as well as a deal for event planning, for those brides and grooms and expecting parents who may have heard that Costco also just launched a gift registry this week.

If the membership fee has been preventing you from shopping and stocking up in bulk at the big box bulk retailer in the past, then here’s your chance: Costco’s current Groupon offers a one-year Gold Star membership package for just $60, including the annual membership plus a $20 store Costco Cash credit and a handful of limited-time exclusive coupons, billed as a $215.63 value. The only catch is that you must be a new Costco member (or a renewing member whose membership expired prior to April 1, 2017). The full details and fine print can be found over on National today.

The news is particularly exciting for anyone planning (or participating in) a wedding or baby shower this fall, since Refinery29 just announced yesterday that Costco has a new gift registry.

It’s a great deal for shoppers looking to cut their health + wellness spending without sacrificing quality, too: back in February, Well+Good announced that Costco has now surpassed Whole Foods as the largest organic grocery seller in the country, with a reported $4 billion in organic food sales last year.

Who knows? You just might get lucky and find an Eames lounger or a Bertoia chair or some other coveted, high-end designs at a discount while you’re there, too.



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