Catch Ups and Weekends

Last week I was back in school for preplanning and it basically kicked my butt.  I started to regret my afternoon naps and staying in my pajamas all day during the summer because I was not physically or emotionally ready to be awake, alert, and productive for that long.  Holy cow.  But I wasn’t the only one preparing to go back to school.  The kids had “Meet the Teacher” and were both really happy with the teachers they got.  They were also happy to see their friends again.



This weekend has been all about getting ready for this week as the kids go back to school. I did laundry until I cain’t launder anymore and the kids cleaned their rooms up, including cleaning out Gus Gus’s cage. Last weekend, I did it for them while they helped me and mostly watched. This weekend, though, I sat on the floor in the bathroom and sort of directed them without helping. They did a great job!





Having Gus Gus has really been eye opening for me. I didn’t realize how capable my kids really were. They have been so good about taking Gus out every day and playing with him (almost too much!). They clean up around his cage when they put him away (he has long hair and the bedding sometimes get stuck in it and falls out when you play with him), and they always make sure he has water and food. I was pretty impressed today at how good they were at cleaning out his cage – and they were the ones who came to me to see if they could clean it! I’m not sure how long this “honeymoon” phase of having a new pet will last, but they are doing great so far!




It’s a lot of fun to see the kids grow up. New milestones are being reached and parts of their personalities are blooming. It is just amazing to watch. I can’t believe that tomorrow they will be in first and third grade already. Goodness, that was fast.


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