Perfectly Pocket-Sized Pools for Small Outdoor Spaces

Especially on summer days like these, when it’s about a million degrees out, a pool is a nice thing to have. But, you may be thinking, my backyard is not big enough for a pool. Or maybe you have the space but you’re not totally keen on a pool taking up your entire backyard, because you want to be able to do other things there, too. But I am here to tell you that even if your backyard tends towards the teeny side, you can still have a pool. When it comes to pools, bigger isn’t always better. Sure, you may not be able to train for the Olympics, but you’ll be able to submerge yourself and drink a cold one on a hot summer day — and isn’t that what pools are for?

Above: This pool, from Houzz, makes up in looks what it lacks in size, with a minimal stone coping and gorgeous green surroundings.

This little pool, from House & Home, fits neatly into a small townhouse backyard. The wide shelf at the edge of the pool makes an excellent spot for lounging in the water.

Little pools can be just as stylish as their larger counterparts. Minimal detailing gives this small pool by Alexander Brenner Architects, via Freshome, a sleek, modern look.

Just because you have a bigger backyard doesn’t mean you have to fill that whole thing up with a pool. In this backyard spotted on Houzz, a modestly-sized pool leaves room for plenty of lounging space.

At this Portuguese farmhouse turned holiday home, spotted on Architectural Digest, a small stucco pool is just the right size for a midday dip.

The owners of this Austin home didn’t want a full-sized pool: instead, they had the designers at Clayton & Little Architects create a 8′ by 8′ concrete ‘dipping pool’, just big enough to provide a respite from the Texas summer heat.

In the backyard of this Australian home from Walk Among the Homes, a concrete stock tank pool is the perfect place to beat the summer heat. (The deck wraps around the pool, providing a place to jump in without the aid of a ladder.)

In this backyard spotted on Cote Maison, a sizeable deck adjoins a smal plunge pool, perfect for a quick dip.

From Mad & Bolig, a petite pool in the backyard of a Bordeaux home.

There’s no rule that says a small pool can’t be just as luxurious as a large one. With its dark bottom, stone coping, and lush landscaping, this small pool from Houzz has all the style of a much larger one.

This narrow pool, spotted on The Globe and Mail, fits into a townhouse garden with a little room for lounging left over.

The water feature, surrounding stone walls, and lush greenery make this little pool from Atlanta Homes Mag into a tiny backyard retreat.

In the backyard of this Mexican home by House + House Architects, via Houzz, a narrow pool creates a lush, Mediterranean feel in a very small space.

Can get enough of small pools? There’s even more inspiration in this post.



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