The Internet’s Favorite Plastic Zipper Food Storage Bags — Hive Mind Reviews

Plastic zipper bags are probably a food storage staple in your home—they’re an easy way to store food in the fridge and freezer, plus they can help keep you organized in other ways, including being a necessity when you travel by air. You might have a brand you’re partial to or perhaps you just buy whatever’s on sale at the store, but either way if you’re looking for zipper bags that stand up to the test of the internet hive mind (and you know, don’t leak or let moisture in), we’ve got you covered.

We combed through reviews—and checked out what America’s Test Kitchen had to say (you can watch the video of how they tested some of the top plastic zipper freezer bags below)—to find the top, most beloved plastic zipper food storage bags on the internet.

Without further ado, here are the products to consider adding to your shopping list the next time you need to buy more zipper food storage bags.

These are the plastic zipper bags recommended most by America’s Test Kitchen—as you can see in the video, they were initially beat out by the Ziploc Double Zipper Bags (the ones below), but since the Ziploc brand have changed a bit since the initial test, ATK released an update recommending these first. Note: You can only buy them in bulk, but you can get a pack of 1,000 bags on Amazon for $84.95.

Promising Review:
“A very pleasant surprise. The bags do not leak. They seal easily. They do not impart an aftertaste to the fish that I place in them. Good product. Great price.” — Richard Moore, via

Initially the winner of the America’s Test Kitchen test, these were slightly reformulated recentlty—though ATK still stands by these bags as a great option. You can buy a pack of 152 bags for $16.19 on Amazon.

Promising Review:
“These are great sturdy bags. They are easy to close and stay closed tight; hard to make mistakes and have accidents with them. They’re large enough to hold a lot of something and easy to use. What else can you ask of zip-lock bags?” — Amazon Customer, via

Also recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, these bags are a contender against other more popular name brands, and they’re also more environmentally friendly—if you’re looking for a greener option, try these. You can buy a pack of 30 for $12.98 on Amazon.

Promising Review:
“I would recommend this product to anyone who uses freezer bags frequently to store extra food/meals but don’t like the use of environmentally unfriendly plastics. That’s why I tried it because these plastic products were the one item that I found hard to go without. They are just like standard freezer bags in every way. I notice no different in terms of the durability, and the prices seem to be coming down from last year. I will continue using these products in the future.” — Kim Quilter, via

These bags also come recommended by America’s Test Kitchen, not to mention they have tons of great reviews all over the internet. You can buy a pack of 56 gallon bags for $7.39 on Amazon, plus they’re available in different sizes and quantities.

Promising Review:
“I’ve been reluctant to switch to the slide seal freezer bags because I’m not sure they seal as well, but these work well as a way to organize things in the freezer. I buy in bulk, then wrap in serving sizes and put all of it in a slide seal bag with the information on the label. The slide is much easier and quicker to use than the zipper, and I’ve found the bags to be sturdy and not had a problem with the slider. They work well for a number of other uses, and are a welcome addition.” — Magpie, via

These 2-in-1 bags are meant to be used as both freezer and non-freezer storage bags (the main difference between freezer and storage bags is that freezer bags are a little sturdier and thicker—of course, you can use other freezer bags for storage anyway). They come highly reviewed on Amazon, and you can get a 3 pack of 46 quart-sized bags each for $20.93.

Promising Review:
“I use these to store my food, protect my cell phone from salt water, and as an ice pack. They seal easily and stay sealed. They do not leak. They do jot puncture or tear easily. I will be repurchasing them in the future!” — Antoinette Talamante, via

An older version of these bags were also tested on America’s Test Kitchen, and while they weren’t as sturdy as some of the others, they still come recommended. They’re also one of the most highly reviewed zipper bags on Amazon, where you can buy a pack of 96 bags for $12.51.

Promising Review:
“I order these bags on monthly subscribe and save. I’ve tried other brands, but these are my favorite. They are very sturdy and the slider closing makes it so easy to use. I found myself getting very frustrated with the kind that you had to patiently line up the two sides and it was hit and miss. These make it fast and easy. I’ve found them to be very durable and stand up to many zips without breaking. I’ve also noticed they hold liquid well without leaking.” — Rosa Sharon, via

These Hefty storage bags are also one of the most highly reviewed plastic zipper storage bags on Amazon, and they’re basically just the storage version of the ATK-approved freezer bags above. You can get a pack of 66 bags (gallon sized) on Amazon for $6.66. They also come in other sizes.

Promising Review:
“These are my favorite storage bags. I have these on a monthly subscription and I use them for all kinds of things, not just food. They always work great and the price can’t be beat.” — Angelina’s Joy Boutique, via

Great Value Double Zipper Sandwich Bags

Usually buy generic? These bags are the ones reviewers swear by—they’re some of the most highly reviewed bags on Google Shopping, and you can buy a pack of 300 on for $6.66.

Promising Review:
“I try to buy generic whenever I don’t have to sacrifice value to do so, and I think these Great Value bags live up to all the hype of name brand baggies. They are very inexpensive and work just great, it is nice to be able to pack snacks for lunch in them.” — amy.m, via Google



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