7 Ideas For Tackling Small Kitchen Storage Shortages in Style — Dwell

A perpetual curse of the small apartment is the small kitchen, and a perpetual curse of the small kitchen is lack of storage. Sure, only having 18 inches of counter space is a real bear, but before you get there, where are you even going to put anything? If your kitchen suffers from lack of storage, try one of these eight tips to help you fit everything in.

In this Dallas home, copper pots hang directly on the wall, for a statement wall that’s as stylish as it is practical.

One of my favorite solutions for a small kitchen is a pot rail. Mount one under the cabinets (as in this Brooklyn kitchen) and use it to hang kitchen tools, small shelves for spices, and even holders for utensils that don’t have a home in a drawer. IKEA’s GRUNDTAL is a great, affordable option.

The kitchen of this Houston high-rise may not be particularly small, but it does demonstrate perfectly how rolling wire shelving can help to supplement storage space in a kitchen that happens to be lacking.

Okay, so you may not have a collection of spoons, but hanging a pegboard on the wall is still a great way to create storage for utensils, and even pots and pans. (Having a spot to hang utensils will be especially welcome if your kitchen is short on drawers, which most small kitchens are.)

It’s a small detail and one that might be easy to miss, but using magnetic spice containers on the edge of a metal shelf, like in this San Francisco kitchen, is a great way to keep spices easily accessible but off the counter. (You can also hang magnetic spice containers on the side of the fridge.)

Storage solutions abound in the kitchen of this Hawaii home. Baskets make the most of that awkward space above the cabinets, and an extra shelf, mounted a few inches below the upper cabinets, provides a place for frequently-used ingredients.

We may not all have Smegs, but we can all use this tip: store things on top of the fridge! And use a tray to keep things neat, and cut down on visual clutter.

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