The Freshest Color Combination of 2017: Mint & Black

I’ve always loved to play with colors, and put together unexpected and maybe unusual combinations, and my most recent favorite is this: black and mint. Like mint chocolate chip ice cream, but with a little more sophistication. The mint is cool, refreshing, gentle: the black adds an unexpected contrast, and a modern edge. The vibe is a little bit art-deco Miami, with a little bit of Memphis thrown in for good measure.

Above: Mint tile and black accents make this bathroom by 2 Lovely Gays feel fresh, modern and crisp. (I’m especially partial to those oversized floor tiles, whose wiggly, handmade print adds just the right touch of warmth.)

Mint and black is the perfect choice for another, more traditionally styled bathroom from Singulares Magazine (via Paper Blog) — and it works perfectly with marble, too.

Pale, pale green is the perfect choice for this kitchen from Køkkenskaberne — and the perfect counterpoint to the crisp black countertops (and white walls).

In a bedroom from Metro Mode, a painted black wainscot helps to ground a pastel-colored space (not quite mint, but a light leafy green works, too!).

I love the little pops of mint in this black and white kitchen from Decor Demon. (Most of the photos in this post are of spaces that are predominately green, with black accents: this room takes that and reverses it.)

In this photo from One Kings Lane, a soft mint subtly brings out the architecture in this beautifully detailed room. The darker elements (in both black and brown) help to ground the space a bit.

In this very minimal living room from Trendsparna, tiny touches of mint and black play subtly off each other. Natural elements like seagrass and rattan round out the look in a refreshing, humble way.

This modern bathroom from Elizabeth Roberts perfectly replicates a vintage space, with beautiful mint-green tile with a black border.

A mint-green kitchen from Entrance, via Daily Dream Decor, gets a dose of drama thanks to a classic black-and-white tile floor.

Mint green is the perfect backdrop for a black and white (and green) gallery wall in this dining room from LEF Living. The consistent color palette helps to bring together all the room’s disparate elements, both the photos on the gallery wall and the mismatched chairs, creating a stylish, cohesive space.



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