Hot Diggity Dog! These Cookout Themed Couches Are Summertime As Seating

(Image credit: Studio Job + Seletti via Designboom)

Is there anything more American than firing up the grill and tossing on a few brats and burgers to enjoy with with friends and family? Well, if that’s your preferred way to spend summer afternoons, then we have good news: A new furniture collaboration celebrates the iconic foods of backyard grill masters everywhere.

Italian brand Seletti is partnering with Studio Job for the ‘UN_LIMITED EDITIONS’ collection, which will debut at Maison & Objet in Paris.

(Image credit: Studio Job + Seletti via Designboom)

The fast food furniture pairs “Seletti’s passion for unconventional projects, and Studio Job’s cheeky creative approach,” says Designboom, and we have to agree. The loveseat is shaped like a hot dog bun, with a dog lumbar pillow (complete with mustard) and the hamburger bun chair with a patty shaped cushion look like they belong in a wacky art installation, a super kitschy diner themed pad, or the most upscale of McDonald’s locales.

(Image credit: Studio Job + Seletti via Designboom)

And the pair of brands don’t forget the accoutrements, either: a sliced tomato and pickle chip act as additional cushions, while a full pickle subs for an armrest.

(Image credit: Studio Job + Seletti via Designboom)

This collection is Seletti’s first foray into upholstered pieces. “Doing upholstered products is for Seletti a huge achievement,” Artistic Director Stefano Seletti told Designboom at Milan Design Week. “But obviously I had to approach the matter my way! And my way is never a normal one…we will surely explore other typologies in the future, I think we are ready to do that but we will take all the time we need, because we will need to find the right innovative approach.”

(Image credit: Studio Job + Seletti via Designboom)

The brands previously collaborated on a collection of aluminum patio furniture, where teapots, peace signs, gears, and spatulas stand in for the traditional flourishes of wrought iron work.

What do you think of this fast food inspired furniture line? Tell us in the comments!



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