This House Comes With Two Waterfalls (Yes, Really) — House of the Day

Are you looking for a home where you can bask in the beauty of nature? Take in the magnificence of Mother Earth? This house in upstate New York is one that comes with over 60 acres of land and a total of two (yes, two) waterfalls.

Known as Delphi Falls, the property is outside the town of Cazenovia, about 23 miles southeast of Syracuse. And they’re not piddly ones, either: The falls are 65 feet and 52 feet high, respectively.

Impressively, they can be viewed from the manicured backyard, and even from inside the house—which is probably the trump card for all neighborly oneupmanship ever (“Yes, Carol’s hydrangeas are very nice, but have you seen our waterfalls?”). If that’s not enough water for your liking, the property also has over a mile of creek frontage. It’s “like owning your own state park,” broker Michael Franklin says in the listing.

The house itself is 3,500 square feet with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. The open plan kitchen and living room have views of the backyard and the waterfalls. The house has two fireplaces and tons of wood paneling (but hey, that’s cool again). Also on the property is a 5,000 square foot barn, a small cottage in the woods, and a hydro power facility.

The listing website also includes some historical images, artwork, and family photos of the location, dating all the way back to 1857.

The place has been owned by the same family since 1961, and all 66-plus acres are available for $925,000. If you just want the main house and land easements, that’ll set you back $699,000. More information is available on the listing website.

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