5 Surprising Things I Learned After Washing Dishes with Gloves for a Week — Kitchn

For no particular reason, I’ve never really worn gloves to wash the dishes. I guess my mom never did, so I didn’t get into the habit, and it’s hard to change habits! But my friends who cook a lot — and clean a lot of dishes — always wear them. Every time they do a dish! I mean, I’ve pulled out my gloves for Thanksgiving dinner, but that’s about it. Anyways, I started to wonder if there was something there.

The team at Casabella graciously sent a few pairs of pink Waterblock gloves to help me figure out what the deal was. They are quite cute, a fun color, and soft on the inside. And they have these smart cuffs that catch the water. My daughters love them; they think they’re evening gloves. We had an epic dress-up sesh. Then I got to work.

After using them for a week, here’s what I’ve learned about wearing gloves while washing dishes.

1. Putting them on doesn’t really add a step.

I think one of my roadblocks was this feeling that it would be annoying to put them on and take off. I must have been confusing nice rubber gloves with those flimsy ones doctors use. These are really easy to take on and off. Not an issue.

2. It really is more pleasant to clean with gloves!

I really, really hate cleaning eggs off the bottom of the pan. Or rice that has glued to a sauce pot. Or little meat bits on the grill pan. I hate how little bits of food get under my fingernails. But I clean these things, because I’m a grown-up and I have to. But with the gloves? The disgusting parts aren’t nearly as disgusting. And my manicure (done quickly by me — not a professional) lasted longer than it would have without the gloves.

3. They block the heat.

The hotter the water, the faster things get cleaned. With gloves on, you can run the water at hotter temps without it hurting your skin, making the cleaning process quicker. Also (this probably isn’t a recommended use) it made me less nervous to wipe around the stovetop shortly after I removed the pots.

4. They’re not all that cumbersome.

I was worried that gloves might interfere with my dexterity (however much I have, anyway). Would I be able to feel around for that fork I put in that pot of water? Would I drop fragile wine glasses? Yes and no! Those were the answers. I had a better grip on stuff (thanks to the groves in the gloves) and I didn’t feel like an uncoordinated monster fumbling around for stuff.

5. They inspired me to clean other places.

I know you’re not supposed to mix your dish gloves with your cleaning gloves, but just wearing them got me inspired to start cleaning other things. Like the door jambs, or the inside of the fridge, or the upholstering on the dining chairs. Really!

A Conclusion in Favor of Wearing Gloves

I really don’t hate washing dishes, but it’s borderline pleasant with the gloves. And if all it takes is a $14 or less investment to create an incentive, it’s totally worth it!

Do you wear gloves while you do dishes? Why or why not?

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