Before & After: A “Dismal at Best” Office Does a Design 180

Amanda’s office was unsensational, to say the least. Dark, dreary and lacking a look, she wanted to give the space a homier and more polished look. After tons of research, mixing stylish store-bought finds and DIY projects, Amanda created a bright and perky space that may inspire major office envy.

(Image credit: Submitted by Amanda )

From Amanda: This space was dark, dreary and reminiscent of a guy’s dorm room gone awry. Although this space is technically an office, the main space is akin to a living room/kitchenette in a small apartment and, since we’re a residential rental website, we wanted to create a work space that felt more like a home than anything else. Before the makeover, nothing had a place and the vibe was dismal at best.

We desperately needed to brighten up the space and make it more functional.

(Image credit: Submitted by Amanda )

The whole process took roughly four months and cost about $12,000. I consulted some design companies and electricians to see how much we could do with our budget and decided to hold off on lighting and do everything on my own to make our dollar go as far as possible. When I first put together a plan of furniture and accessories, my proposal was around $7,000 and I was shocked at just how much more I needed to create a more complete look.

(Image credit: Submitted by Amanda )

I love that this space actually feels cohesive, warm and inviting. It’s also functional and feels like a completely different space. Overall, I’m very happy with how things turned out, but if I could do it all again I would have done some more DIY projects to add some more charm. I had unrealistic goals of making things, painting my own prints etc. and I ran out of time.

(Image credit: Submitted by Amanda )

Amanda’s words of wisdom: If you’re working with peel and stick wallpaper, ask a friend for help! I put it up myself and when you’re on a ladder and trying to apply a 2’x6′ sticky sheet to the wall, things can get sticky. 😉 If your walls aren’t perfectly square, it’s easy to get gaps in between the strips of wallpaper. I’d also suggest doing a TON of research. I spent months researching furniture, lighting and accessories and I was able to make my dollar stretch more because I looked for deals and kept a spreadsheet of everything I needed and spent.

(Image credit: Submitted by Amanda )

Resource list:

Thank you, Amanda!



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