Pop Quiz! Do You Know Your Home Decor Vocab?

You know those words you often read (especially as fans of interior design and decorating) and you’re not quite sure if you are saying them correctly to yourself, but it doesn’t matter because you’re never confronted with the opportunity to get it wrong in public? That, or you talk around it, i.e. refer to a “kilim” as a flatweave rug instead of attempting to say the word — hint: it’s not pronounced kill-im. (Or better yet, you don’t know what certain things are all together and hope you never have to use them in a sentence.) Well, you’re not alone!

We rounded up a few decor rookies and aficionados alike to test them (on camera!) on the pronunciation and meaning behind some trickier terms. There were some pretty creative guesses (and some that were dead on!). Watch along, learn a little something, and you’ll be an expert design descriptor in no time!

If you can’t get enough of tricky design jargon, check out this post with more pronunciation fun! You’ll be a decorating nerd in no time at all:

How Do You Say Miele? or Thonet?

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