Can You Have it All In Under 500 Square Feet? Yes, According to This Swedish Home — Dwell

By the looks of this first image, it’s hard to imagine this is actually an under-500 square foot apartment. But alas, it is. Though 495 square feet isn’t much, this tiny Stockholm studio has it all: a working fireplace, a balcony, a dramatic bathroom, a cozy lofted sleeping space. The soaring sloped ceilings add both comfort and drama (because who wouldn’t want to sleep tucked under the eaves?), making this pretty much the perfect small apartment.

I think the appeal of this space, to me, is that it combines all the drama and exciting architecture of a big, showy house with the just-my-size comfort of a small space. From the lofted sleeping area you can look down grandly on your living room, but you can also take in the whole apartment in a single glance.

Still, there’s a lot to see. Start in the living room, with doors overlooking a fairly generous terrace. An L-shaped modular sofa makes the most of the space, and can be reconfigured to face either the kitchen or the terrace as the seasons dictate. On the other side of the room is a concrete ledge, which runs the length of the apartment and serves as a TV stand, hearth, and, later on, a base for built-in seating. Underneath the ledge is storage for books, magazines, and extra firewood.

On the opposite side of the apartment is the kitchen, which boasts an impressive 16 feet of counter space, and still has room for a dining table. Concealing the fridge behind cabinet panels gives the kitchen, which can be seen from the entire apartment, a more streamlined look.

Up a rather steep set of stairs is a cozy sleeping space, a sweet reward for a somewhat scary climb. There are two drawers underneath the bed, and a commodious closet opposite.

Perhaps the most dramatic part of this very dramatic little apartment is the bathroom. Elsewhere in the apartment there are plenty of black accents, and even black walls, but in the bathroom everything is black, except for the sink and the chrome fixtures: black walls, black floor, black tiled vanity, freestanding black bathtub. It’s ample evidence that it’s possible to pack a whole lot of style into a very little space.

Want to see even more photos of this little apartment? Check out the full tour at Dwell.



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