Spices Made Nice: Organize Your Spice Cabinet, Once and For All — Video from Apartment Therapy

Rebecca Dameron lives in Los Angeles and, like many of us, her spice cabinet and condiment pantry has, over time, become a bit of a jumble. We sent out a small Apartment Therapy crew (or “magical elves” as Rebecca called us) to her 1937 bungalow to tackle these narrow shelves and put them in order.

Our first strategy was to rehouse many of Rebecca’s grains, nuts, beans and spices into glass jars. This not only gives the cabinet a neater appearance but makes it easier for her to see what she has and how much of it.

You don’t have to go out and purchase all new containers either (although the uniformity of same or similar containers is visually appealing) —use glass containers with tops you would otherwise recycle like jam or tomato sauce jars.

The small glass jars used here for Rebecca’s spices are actually the saved jars of a turmeric drink with the label torn off.After rehousing her food, we put adhesive chalk labels on the containers to record the contents. The chalk labels can be easily erased and rewritten when the contents change.

To help keep everything visible and easy to find, we used mesh spice racks shaped like a riser and the we put the condiments into mesh baskets. An under-shelf bin holds oatmeal packets and a small lazy Susan puts oils and vinegars into easy reach.

Links to the products we used:

1) Mesh spice rack – The Container Store
2) Stainless steel lazy Susan – The Container Store
3) Chalk label jars – The Container Store
4) Mesh baskets – The Container Store
5) Rubbermaid under-shelf bin – Target

Thanks, Rebecca!

// http://ift.tt/1XVo07s


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