A Small Home’s Most Useful Surface (& How to Make It Work)

In a tiny apartment, floor space is always at a premium. One of my favorite solutions? Hanging things on the wall! If you’re creative enough, pretty much anything can be hung on the wall, freeing up floor space and adding a little interest to your home at the same time.

I remember the first time I saw folding chairs hung on the wall, in one of those tiny apartment setups at IKEA, I thought it was just genius. Folding chairs can be a bit of a pain to store in a closet — they’re always falling over, and they just take up a lot of space. Hung on the wall, they sit flat and are readily available whenever you need them.

Hanging pots on the wall, as seen in this kitchen from Design*Sponge, can actually make quite a nice display. It’ll save space in your cupboards, and, as an added bonus, you won’t have to dig through a crowded cabinet to find the pot you need.

If you have a collection of instruments (like the banjos and guitars seen in this interior from Domino), this is a great way to save space on the floor or in a closet, while showing off your love of music. (You can buy wall hangers that are made specifically for each type of instrument. Just make sure those things are anchored well!)

The stools in this apartment from Alvhem are specifically designed to be hung on pegs on the wall — very Shaker.

IKEA’s Bekvam stepstool, seen here in a kitchen from Maillardville, is designed to hang on the wall. When not in use, it folds and hangs on a bracket that’s included with the stool.

Bike storage is a thorny issue for many apartment dwellers — so why not hang that thing on the wall? In this photo from Hus & Hem, a bike hangs on the wall in a dining room, but this would work just as well in a hallway or entryway, too. If you’re searching for rack for mounting your bike on the wall, we’ve got a bunch of options here.

Here’s another instance of hanging folding chairs on the wall, from Design*Sponge. The two racks, stacked on top of each other, together with the chairs, seem almost sculptural (you’ll definitely need a boost to grab the chairs on top).

This apartment, spotted on West Elm’s Front + Main blog, features clever planters that hang on the wall — a great way to add a little greenery to a room while freeing up table tops and consoles for other items. (The planters in this photo are sold out, but West Elm has this similar style.)

Want something even more dramatic? It never would’ve occurred to me to hang a whole pot on the wall, until I saw this setup from My Scandinavian Home. It definitely frees up floor space — just make sure those wall anchors are very, very sturdy, or you might get a very dirty surprise.

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