10 Badass Kitchens Rocking the Black Trend Right Now

The 2017 kitchen trend scene has taken an all-black-everything approach to design and we are all the way here for it. The inky hue might not be the first thought that comes to mind when considering the bright and clean vibe of a contemporary kitchen, but in practice, it’s all kinds of amazing. From black cabinetry and ebony backsplashes to matte coal-colored lighting and accents, this color is killer when it comes to infusing your look with a chic, modern edge. Don’t believe us? One look at these crazy-gorgeous kitchens is all you’ll need to become a full-time subscriber to this stunning trend.

Above: This stunner designed by Blair Harris is all the proof you need that a black kitchen can be just as bright and breezy as the next.

When set against a black backdrop, gorgeous metals, like the copper in this design by Pippa Jameson, shine even brighter.

If you’re not quite ready to make an all-black commitment, take a page from Becki Owens‘ design book and play with a few accents instead. This hue packs a powerful punch, so just a little goes a long way in achieving high contrast.

Anyone else ready to drop everything and move into this delightful space by Mim Design? Black and white is an effortlessly-cool combination that will never go out of style.

The hard edge of black paired with the gritty feel of exposed brick makes for a hip and highly enviable dream kitchen, like this one styled by kvik.

Holly Williams blended this modern hue with antique accents for a look that’s rich in nostalgic layers, featured in Country Living.

This space shared by Style at Home proves that less isn’t always more. Black touches everything from the furniture to the cabinets to the ceiling and this eclectic kitchen is all the better for it.

Few combinations are more glamorous than that of black and gold. Give your gilded accents the sparkling presentation they deserve by pairing them with the ebony hue, like in this amazing design shared by The Block Shop.

Texture is great for enhancing a design, but this kitchen by Sarah Akwisombe is a perfect example of how sleek and smooth can be just as compelling.

Um, has there ever been a more stunning stove and range combo than Dianna Agron’s feaured on My Domaine? No, no there hasn’t. Sometimes all you need is one statement piece to create an unforgettable design.

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