We Tried Out Some Favorite Pieces from the Novogratz Collection for Amazon — Maxwell’s Fantastic Find

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be back in our studio this week for a feature that I’ve been waiting to share for the past few months. When I heard that my friends Bob and Cortney Novogratz would be launching an online boutique on Amazon, I was eager to check it out in person. Their team was kind enough to send over some of the pieces (including a blush sofa that could not match the blush walls of our new studio any more perfectly) and I’m excited to walk you all through it today.

While the fun pattern of this rug isn’t going to send us to sleep, the plush certainly might!

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Backstory

The Novogratz design duo are no strangers to our readers — anyone who has seen 9 by Design on Bravo or Home by Novogratz on HGTV is well-acquainted with the bright colors and dynamic patterns that have come to define their brand. This new Amazon collection takes everything we know and love about the Novogratzes and makes it accessible — both in price and in shipping.

How It Works

The boutique is made up of about 150 pieces in total — some of them original Novogratz designs, others collaborations with other Amazon sellers to help flesh out the full collection. It ranges from rugs to beds to wall decor. Here’s what we got to experience first hand:

We are loving the retro print gallery wall alongside the modern patterns of these pillows.

(Image credit: Amazon)

Perfect For

The modern family! The intention behind Bob and Cortney’s collection is to create the boutique experience for this exact audience. Being able to bring this high-end design to the masses — at an affordable price point and with Amazon’s easy shipping — means that it’s easy to bring the Novogratz style into your own home.

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