Is This the Future of Kitchen Design? An Evolution of Open Kitchens

Open kitchens are mainstays these days, as many Americans want homes that are airy and welcoming versus closed off and formal. But an open layout does have its downsides: namely the stinky cooking smells and noise which creep into adjoining living spaces, despite your best efforts to ignore them. Lately we’ve noticed European kitchens combatting this problem with a new design solution which offers all the benefits of the wide open layout, without some of its known drawbacks. And it might just be the future of kitchen design.

Here are some great new ideas from some beautiful spaces:

Above, Cote Maison shared this absolutely dreamy Paris apartment where the kitchen is not so much completely open, but glassed in. It’s still in full view from the rest of the living space — keeping things light and connected — but it lets someone in the living room read a book without being bothered by humming appliances and any other family members currently cooking.

This room within a room, in a Barcelona apartment designed by Katty Schiebeck, is a little more rustic looking, but still maintains the open feel with all the vertical panes of glass. The kitchen floats in the middle of the larger space, but doesn’t completely interrupt the flow.

Steel interior glass walls lend themselves to this look particularly well, as seen in Plain English’s Osea Kitchen, which uses a series of them to separate itself from other working areas.

More modern steel doors, this time in this pink kitchen and dining area designed by Crosby Studios. The glass structure still lets light in — important given all the black walls — but keeps the space a distinct cooking and eating zone.

This stunning Hecker Guthrie-designed Prahran residence straddles the line between open and closed: Although it doesn’t have a door to shut, it’s still divided by the tall glass-paned wall, which clearly delineates the space.

Even IKEA has picked up on the idea. In the 2018 catalog, you can see their model kitchen separated out from the rest of the apartment.



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