Before & After: Finding Space for a Third Bedroom, Beautifully — Sweeten

Buying an apartment in New York often involves a level of compromise. When Deeksha and Joe moved from D.C. to New York, along with their three-month-old son, their dream was to find a three-bedroom apartment. Reality was a spacious apartment in Washington Heights, with gorgeous views of the river — and only two bedrooms. But in the apartment’s L-shaped living room, they saw an opportunity.

The couple realized that the short leg of the L (on the right side of the photo above) would make a perfect sleeping spot for the family and friends who frequently come to stay with them. They wanted a way to make the space private, without blocking off the light from the alcove’s two windows (light being a very valuable commodity in New York apartments).

The solution? A beautiful glass partition wall, which separates the alcove into a third bedroom, while allowing the light from its two windows to filter into the living room. (I don’t see one on the photos, but it seems like it would be an easy matter to install a curtain on the bedroom side of the wall, which could be closed for additional privacy.) In addition to neatly solving the privacy vs. light conundrum, the new wall of windows also provides the space with a beautiful architectural feature.

Another addition to the living room is the wall of built-ins on the left side, which provides a home for their collection of books, as well as a perfect spot for the television. The cabinets underneath provide a welcome bit of hidden storage, and a wainscot, which runs underneath the window, ties the bookcase wall and window wall together beautifully.

The renovation has made Deeksha and Joe’s apartment both more livable and more beautiful — a win on all fronts.

Deeksha and Joe found their contractor on Sweeten, a free service matching homeowners with local general contractors. You can read more about the project, see more photos, and find sources on the Sweeten blog.



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