Before and After: A Dark Maroon Living Room’s Bright Awakening

Despite the fact that every room in this house was dark and the living room was a deep, almost-brown maroon color, Andrea (a fashion blogger over at Blonde Bedhead) could see this home’s potential. A bold move, considering this is her first house! “I was your typical millennial, avoiding home ownership for years, choosing the mobile life of apartment rentals. I moved away from Michigan briefly to work in Chicago and while it took a few years to realize, I love this state and my community — and have no desire to move,” wrote Andrea in her house tour. The first thing this millennial did after closing? Paint. Now…this living room’s future looks bright!

The first thing Andrea did was paint the room’s walls Valspar white. She refreshed the fireplace surround, as well. It was not a small project.

“Honestly, the house was dark and moody and it took hours and patience I didn’t think I had to complete the painting process. I wanted the painting wrapped up before I moved in and I had only a week to accomplish that. I’m also like a child with a paint roller. I can’t seem to stay within the lines! I perfected my painting skills thanks to my pro painter mom and friend Maggie.”

(Image credit: zillow listing)

Friends love how bright and clean it is now, and Andrea does as well! It’s the perfect blank canvas for her modern furniture, plants, and accessories that match her minimal, crisp aesthetics.

Andrea’s home inspiration is her jewelry designer friend Merl from Clyde’s Rebirth. “Her home and shop are beautifully curated. I’m a little more of a minimalist than her, but her bright spaces filled with plants, natural wood tones and brass details have always served as an inspiration for me,” she says.

And just because the walls are white, doesn’t mean she skimped on color entirely. The blue velvet sofa and chair are from World Market, and the mint green the fuzzy pillows covers are from West Elm.



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