Room Sweep! You’re 20 Minutes from a Clutter-Free Bedroom — September Sweep

Your bedroom should be — nay… it needs to be — a peaceful place. Who can lay their head down for a good night’s rest while they’re surrounded by a mess?

Bedroom clutter is a unique beast, too. It’s usually stuff that came in from other rooms and hasn’t been put away just yet, which should make today’s timed task a simple one.

Today’s Assignment

Remove as much clutter as you can from the bedroom in 20 minutes.

If you did this last week in the entryway, you know the room sweep drill: Grab a laundry basket (or something like it) and walk through the bedroom, indiscriminately collecting any clutter—which is basically just shorthand for “things that don’t belong here.”

Where to Look:

  • side tables and nightstands
  • dresser top and other surfaces
  • consoles and armoires
  • closets and drawers where you keep linens or other non-clothing
  • vanity tables
  • open shelves
  • under the bed

What to look for:

  • books and magazines
  • drinking glasses and mugs
  • electronics
  • random objects and decor
  • dingy or very old sheets and linens
  • clothing tags and other trash
  • safety pins, bobby pins and out-of-place grooming supplies
  • clothes piled and draped where they shouldn’t be
  • shoes, handbags and accessories where they don’t belong

When the timer is up and you’ve finished your sweep, put everything inside your basket away. Some things need to go to the hamper, some things to another room and some, well, you won’t know what to do with. For those things, just head over to your boxes—the “sell,” “donate” and “wanderers” boxes you set up on day one—and sort everything there.

Hopefully you’re starting to see how important that “wanderers” box can be to sorting out your space. Half of your clutter problems are just that things get out of place around the house—hello drinking glasses on my night stand—and the other half is rooted in things that don’t have a place. We’ll get to that towards the end of the month.

And don’t forget…

Remove one more thing from your monster zone and get it sorted away to be tossed or passed on to another home.



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