The Best Ways To Spend Your Bed Bath & Beyond Coupons, According to Abbi from Broad City

When I’m not making art or helping Shania Twain work on her delts, I, Abbi Abrams, am an occasional shopper at the retail chain Bed Bath & Beyond. For those of you who don’t know, Bed Bath & Beyond coupons never expire (how do you think I furnished my Astoria apartment?). The store has all kinds of stuff, and I have a few suggestions on what to buy when you’re flush with the blue and white beauties.

NEVER pay full price for a Sodastream.

Go see my friend in flatware (do an elaborate handshake first) and he’ll point you toward this set with “sleek, organic texture.”

When you’re not carrying around multiple kinds of washi tape, display and dispense it in style.

When you can afford only the finest Manuka honey, you need something as money as this to serve it out of.

When you rent out your apartment for the night and inevitably need to sleep on a roof, make sure to snag yourself a sturdy tent (I learned the hard way).

And if you’re renting out your apartment—maybe stash your valuables someplace safe, and also don’t make the code your birthday, and then tell your birthday to the renter—no matter how cute his accent is.

There’s no better way to show you care than with pasta, so say happy birthday with a ravioli attachment.

A patterned duvet can really tie a room together.

Season four of Broad City returns to Comedy Central Wednesday, September 13 at 10:30 pm, or you can catch up on past seasons on Hulu.



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