Three Things on Sale Today That Will Transform Your Home Office — Amazon Deal of the Day

Just like any place where you spend a lot of time, your home office can easily get overrun by daily minutiae—think: sticky notes, to-do lists, and piles of printouts—that make it difficult to concentrate. That’s why it’s important to create a dedicated workspace that not only keeps you organized, but also helps you stay positive and focused throughout your day, too.

Luckily, there are a few items on sale right now on Amazon that can revitalize your workstation in no time.

Fully touch-enabled, this innovative LED desk lamp is designed (sans buttons) so that you can easily adjust its color and brightness levels to your liking. Along with a touch-sensitive metal arm, this savvy table lamp boasts a sleek, ultra-lightweight aluminum frame that quickly folds down when not in use. Do yourself—and your eyes—a favor and pick up this state-of-the-art lamp while it’s still on sale.

Looking for an inexpensive way to streamline all your unsightly electronic cords? This clever wall-mount cradle comes complete with a pair of standard charging outlets as well as a dual USB charging port. Translation: you can charge your smart phone, tablet, and regular electronics from the same wall power station (and for under 10 bucks if you act fast).

It’s rare to come across an air purifier that’s cute and compact, but this desktop-sized filter is definitely both. Despite its slim shape—designed for both vertical and horizontal placement—this petite air purifier clears up to 99% of the airborne particles floating around your workstation and offers an optional ionizer, so you can work hard at your desk and breathe purely while you’re at it.



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