The Onion Perfectly Captures What It Feels Like to Shop at T.J. Maxx

If you’re a lifelong veteran of shopping discount stores, no doubt that at least once you’ve wished for a companion website and online shopping experience so you could bargain hunt from the comfort of your own couch. But if this fantasy website were actually true to the feeling of shopping in-store, as The Onion nails perfectly this week, it would be a far cry from the relaxing and efficient e-tail experiences we’ve come to expect.

Like the digital equivalent of throwing spaghetti against the wall, The Onion’s fake T.J. Maxx site just randomly scatters product photos and links all over the home page “so visitors to its website can now experience the utter disarray of its stores from their home computer or mobile device….Longtime T.J. Maxx customers should feel right at home when they visit us online.”

The literal LOL-inducing satirical take on the fake online store is a must-read to be truly appreciated, and underscores exactly why we were all just so very excited about the streamlined, showroom-like, real-life launch of TJX’s newest brick-and-mortar store concept, Homesense — with its matching sets of chairs, calming and curated vignettes, perfect-condition items, and shoppable, pleasing-to-the-eye collections, not a mark-down bin in sight.

Read the piece in The Onion and report back, we’d love to hear your favorite line(s) — ours may have been:

“If you’ve never been to a T.J. Maxx before, then log on and stock up on everything from throw pillows embroidered with inspirational messages to copies of Goodnight Moon with the cover torn off.”

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