Watch These: Quirky, Cool, Creative Inventions You Have to See to Believe

You know what innovations impress me the most? It’s not talking to my bathroom or a door that unlocks itself. I get inspired by seeing really simple but creative designs that—with just a twist or a push or a turn—make everyday living easier. I may not be running out to buy them, but I love knowing they’re out there. Let’s admire their ingenuity:

A Twirling Spaghetti Fork

Gently push down on the spiraled handle of this pasta fork (spotted on Reddit) to enjoy a perfectly spun bite of spaghetti, every time. You can snag one here.

This Nail Driving Hammer

Your fingers will be forever safe once you get them on this hammer, featured on Core77, featuring a magnetic nail-starting groove. Snag one of your own from Houzz.

A Toe Kick Vacuum

This vacuum—the Sweepovac, spotted on Contemporist—picks up where your inner child leaves off. Whenever you want to just push the crumbs under the cabinet—you can.

A Sliding Snow Remover

Watching this tool in action on a snow-covered roof is like magic. Buzzfeed accurately called it “strangely hypnotic.” You can get yourself a roof rake for about $140.

A Plastic Plunger Sticker

No plunger, no problem. This clever Japanese invention, called “Pongtu,” spotted on Reddit does the work easier and—maybe more importantly—tidier. Genius? Want some? You can buy them on Amazon.

This Self-Filling Paint Roller

Never make a mess again—this HomeRight EZ-Twist Roller features a paint reservoir right in the handle, so you never run out of coverage and you never have to refill across the room. It’s less than $30 here.

This Umbrella to Keep Your Dog Dry

The next level evolution of those umbrella hats, this one (captured in a video for Insider) is built into a leash to provide shelter for a rain-wary pooch. You can get the Pet Life Pour Protection umbrella on Amazon.

This Pen That’s Actually a Ruler

You can measure nearly anything—soft fabric, textured surfaces, around a corner—with this tool called “01” from InstruMMents. It’ll cost you $150 to snag one from their online store.

A Bike Seat that Turns Into a Lock

The most useful transformer, ever. Seatylock is a bike seat that easily snaps off and morphs into a bike lock. Get one for $99 from the Seatylock website.



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