We Decorated Amazon’s New HQ… With Products from Amazon

You may have heard that Amazon is sending cities into a tizzy by announcing that they’re hunting for a place to open a second headquarters outside of Seattle, which will be dubbed HQ2. They’ve got a lot of work cut out for them on making that big move, so we thought we’d decorate the new digs for them—with stuff from Amazon, of course.

We can assume there will be Echoes and Kindles and Fire tablets all around, but here are some other things we could see being in the new HQ.


With the potential of 50,000 jobs at the new HQ, there’s going to be plenty of employees to keep happy. Here, we pair the Aeron chair ($1,221) with an electric adjustable height standing desk ($480), a Poppin file cabinet ($269) for a pop of color, and a concrete pencil caddy cum planter ($20) for a little greenery.


While there will surely be a (or multiple) staffed cafeteria(s), a tech company like Amazon could also have some pretty sweet gadgets in smaller employee kitchens, like this smart oven ($1,495) that knows what you’re cooking, a beer dispenser ($121) that turns any can or bottle into draft, and a fancy tea infuser ($399). We can also imagine some Dash buttons scattered about.


Every cool office has someplace to relax and kick your feet up. We rounded up a variety of seating to suit different types of lounging, including a mid-century lounge chair and ottoman ($885), a tufted bench ($251), a pouf ($83), an ergonomic stool ($124), and a beanbag chair ($218).

For the outdoorsy

If, like the New York Times predicts, Amazon goes with Denver as their new HQ2 home, they’ll likely employ some active people. They’ll probably have bike parking, but also having ski ($59.99) and kayak ($19) storage (or loaners) would be a draw. We can also see hammocks ($30) serving as nap pods, and definitely a huge rock wall ($40) installed in an atrium. For those who aren’t the type to take the stairs, I bet they’ll appreciate having some electric scooters ($2,000) for getting around campus.

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