3 Tips For Moving In Together (Like Newly Co-Habitated Selena Gomez and The Weeknd)

As Selena begins work on an untitled Woody Allen project in NYC, the actor and her boyfriend, The Weeknd, are making a (temporary) home for themselves in the city. If you’re considering making the leap to living together, here are three tips to make it smoother sailing.

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that they are living in a “low-rise luxury building in the heart of the [Greenwich] Village” that features 11.6 ft high ceilings, Juliette glass balconies, English kitchens, his-and-her vanities, a steam shower, and a Kohler cast-iron bathtub.

Yet, no matter how luxurious or sprawling their living space may be, no one is truly exempt from the growing pains that come along with moving in with a significant other — even if the timing is absolutely right. Here are a few things we hope Selena and The Weeknd discussed prior to the big move:

Closet space

I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that both stars have large wardrobes. Sure, it’s a temporary apartment and they probably have clothes stashed in other homes elsewhere, but it couldn’t hurt to lay down some basic groundwork for sharing the closet space. If one person has an overflowing shoe collection and the other enough eveningwear to swallow the rack space whole, perhaps there’s an easy compromise to be had. But if it’s not that easy to divvy up the space, this could be a great time to pare down a closet that overfloweth. Read: donate, donate, donate!

Who’s coming to dinner?

If both individuals prefer a quiet home with less visitors, then it’s settled: treat your apartment as a physical respite. If only one person prefers to host dinners/entertain guests regularly, it’s time to set some boundaries for when it’s appropriate and how many people is too many people.

Sleeping habits

With The Weeknd on tour and Selena filming, it would behoove them to discuss who’s home when and what does their sleep “schedule” look like? Selena may have early call times while The Weeknd may have late-night recording sessions and appearances to make. Living together with opposite schedules could cause friction — get to know the other’s schedule so nothing comes as a surprise.

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