This House Can Be Built In a Day (& Just Might Solve the UK’s Housing Problems) — Dezeen

A lot of tiny houses lean heavily in the direction of cute, but this little prefab home—a creation of Estonian design collective Kodasema—has serious modern design cred. Plus, it’s only £150K and can be built in a day.

The plan of the house is quite simple, and takes full advantage of the home’s high ceilings. In the front is the living/dining room, a full-height space that connects dramatically to the outdoors via a wall of windows. (There’s also a curtain that can be drawn across the front windows, for when you would prefer to not be dramatically connected to the outdoors.)

Across the back wall of the living room is a small, efficient kitchen, with cabinets that pull out for more workspace when needed. Behind the kitchen is the bathroom, and above the bathroom is the lofted bedroom. (You can actually stand up in the bedroom, since the portion at the top of the stairs is situated over a mechanical space: the ceiling of the bathroom forms a raised platform for the bed.) And all this fits into just 25 square meters (269 square feet).

The most remarkable thing about the house, though, is not its size, but its versatility. The whole thing costs only £150,000 (about 194K in American dollars), which includes, according to Dezeen, the house itself, as well as shipping, site prep, installation, and connections to water, electricity and sewage. You’ll notice that there’s no mention of a foundation in that list, because the house is designed to not need a foundation. It’s also designed to be disassembled and then-reconstructed in another place, with each process taking under seven hours, so the house can move with its owners.

It can also be erected as a temporary structure on empty lots in London, where sluggish planning processes often leave sites empty for years, and where housing is at a premium. So it’s a little home that’s pretty but also solves an important problem—and that’s something we can all get behind.

You can read more about the Kodasema tiny house on Dezeen here and here. And see more of the house, including a virtual 3D tour, on the manufacturer’s website at Kodasema.



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