Netflix News: How I Met Your Mother Is Leaving This Fall

Suit up, people, because we have some sad news: How I Met Your Mother will be leaving Netflix this fall. But if you’re a Hulu subscriber, well, we have some good news.

The legen—wait for it—dary sitcom ran for seven seasons. The show’s producer, 20th Century Fox, recently inked a deal with Hulu for streaming rights to 3,000 episodes of content, including all of How I Met Your Mother, Vulture reports. It’s now clear that Hulu means for those to be exclusive rights, at least in the case of HIMYM. There’s no official date yet for the series departing Netflix, but if you’re looking to binge watch it, it’ll take approximately three days and four hours to binge, without commercials.

And if you’re a Hulu subscriber, well, it looks like you’ll get to hang with the gang as often as you like—though no date for the series being added to the rival service has been announced as of yet. Other series that are part of the 20th Century Fox deal—and will probably be leaving Netflix—are: Bones, Raising Hope, The Bernie Mac Show, Better Off Ted, Reba, Life in Pieces, NYPD Blue, Glee, Burn Notice, White Collar, The Practice, M*A*S*H, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, St. Elsewhere, Hill Street Blues, The Bob Newhart Show, Don’t Trust the B—in Apartment 23, The Grinder, Blue Collar, Saving Grace, Lie to Me, Graceland, Dollhouse, Wilfred, and The Glades.

This is the latest in a string of blows to those who are into Netflix for the content other than its original series. Just this week, we found out that 30 Rock would be leaving the streaming service on October 1, thanks to some fans who were watching and served a banner announcing its departure. And last month, Disney announced that its starting its own VOD platform in 2019, and pulling all its content from Netflix, including Marvel and Star Wars films.



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