Fun is my Cause“, I write. To which my friend and correspondent Diane Ascher corresponds: “The only reason this is true for you is because you play in love. If you played in some other space, you would reap THAT whirlwind.”

I reflect:

Yes. Love. Play would not be enough, elsewise. Love is what makes play deep, fun big. Perhaps I haven’t made that clear until now – to myself, even, but to you, especially. Without love, there is no fun.

There’s a kind of game/play experience that engages all of us – individually, collectively, physically, socially, intellectually, spiritually. I first saw this when I was working with kids developing a curriculum in theater which turned out to be a curriculum in games, and then at the Games Preserve, my farm/retreat for the study of games, and then with the New Games Foundation and then with designing computer games for people like the Children’s Television Workshop. It’s what I described, that experience, when I wrote The Well-Played Game. 

Big Fun

Source: New Games Foundation

Ah, but the games we played at the farm, and during New Games. The Big Fun of it all! The big Loving Fun of it all:

Spectacles and thrill rides that often led to mass hysteria of the joyful kind. We played in a “Group Loop” made like a giant rubber band, sproinging each other to new levels of fun and fear, and three-way-volleyball with a 6-ft-diameter ball and wound up giving each other points every time anyone got the ball over a net. We played tug-of-war and made it the rule that people on the winning side could always let go and join the losing side.

Even when I played these big fun games with a handful of school-age kids on a parking lot instead of 1000 families in a huge, verdant park, it was the same kind of game:

Big fun.

Of the loving kind.


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